Kingfisher Lake Completes Upgrades to the Diesel Generating Station

Kingfisher Lake First Nation’s Diesel Generating Station (DGS) Upgrade is now complete! Pictured here is Chief Mamakwa starting up the new 1MW generator and Project Team representatives from Kingfisher Lake First Nation, INAC, Hydro One Remote Communities Inc., and Shibogama First Nations Council. The new upgrades have increased the DGS plant rating to 1055kW, which means that the hydro connection restrictions that were imposed on the community in 2012 have now been removed, and additional houses and other buildings can now be connected to hydro. Based on the community’s growth projections, the upgrade will meet hydro demands until around 2024. In addition to upgrading two of the three generators, a 30kW net-metered solar photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the Arena in lieu of installing extra fuel storage in the community.