Support Services

Each community has a local Health Council and Health Director, who work closely with the Nurse-in-Charge and staff nurses. Resource Teams, made up of Band Family Services, Family Counselling, and Mental Health Services, Alcohol, Drug, and Solvent Abuse counselling services have also been organized.

A local First Response Team is available for emergencies. Health Centre staff including Community Health Representatives (CHR's), Clerks, and Caretakers are essential in the operation of the Centres. There is policing in each community.

Clinical assistance is provided 24 hours a day via telephone by physicians located at the Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre in Sioux Lookout. A physician is designated to each community and visits monthly. Other health professionals such as physiotherapists, diabetes specialists, dentists, optometrists, and pediatricians also visit periodically. Nurses consult with the Meno-Ya-Win physicians and medical specialists as needed. Air ambulance is used for medical evacuations.