Solar Power in Kingfisher Lake

Yesterday, Chief James Mamakwa (Kingfisher Lake), Laura Sayers and Stu Finn (STS)  (pictured here) took the opportunity for a 'selfie' while flipping the power switch on for the Omahamo Store's Solar Photovoltaic System. Kingfisher Lake has successfully used Solar PV on the roof of the Water Treatment Plant (10kW) since 2013, saving approximately $1000/month on the hydro bill. In 2015, an additional 9.25kW was installed on the Omahamo Store roof, connected to the net-metered system at the Water Treatment Plant. Kingfisher Lake First Nation has plans to install an additional 25kW of solar on the store roof once funding can be secured.

Shibogama FNC is proud of all five of our member communities for embracing clean energy technologies and installing small scale solar PV in their communities. 



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